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Friday, July 31, 2015

Something from something

A desk that became something, and something that became a desk. 

Repurposing is SO ridiculously fun. We are blessed to have a great inventory of stuff from which to chose parts and pieces... That's part of the business AND part of what drives us to use our imagination and use what we have. 

Several months ago we were on the hunt for a large wood office desk for a client and somehow ended up with THREE of them. You know those huge school teacher or lawyer desks? Yeah, those. 

Two were in not-so-good  condition. Therefore, JR disassembled them and put them in the Parts and Pieces Inventory. 

Fast forward to acquiring another cool piece...a steel industrial table.

And ANOTHER cool piece, a steel and wood factory cart used for holding bolts of fabrics. 

Mix them all together and we come up with these two stunners:


The top is the flip side of that school desk top... A little rough and unexpected.


It's the life this old factory cart was meant to live. JR re built the wheel mechanisms so the cart sits nice and flat... No more tippiness. He built a base for the cushion which is just genius. Pure Genious. It not only raises the cushion to seat height, it also provides loads of storage in those old desk drawers! Nothing wrong with s dual purpose piece! I finished the cushion with linen and burlap piping. 

We had fun this week dreaming up and finishing them together. Two special pieces that became something from something else. That's furniture with a history.