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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

there's wood under that linoleum!!!

Yes, DIY takes some time. And haven't we all been tricked by the Property Brothers and Chip and JoJo and Nicole into thinking that we can renovate a kitchen in a half hour or a WHOLE HOUSE in an hour?   Not on your life. They only film a smidge of the work! But we know that, right?

It's still hard to wade through a DIY project...especially when it's really DIY and it's in your own house, AND it's your only kitchen, AND and you don't have a team of laborors there to get all the work done.

But in the end, what could be more satisfying than suffering through your OWN injuries, frustrations, hours of  examining paint swatches and inches of dust and debris. Ask Ben and Rebecca in a month or two how they feel about it!

During demo, an exciting discovery was made.  Rebecca had a feeling and it was confirmed...there was wood under all that flooring!  When the decision was made to go for it (after all, if it was all bad, it would only mean laying down a completely new floor...budget breaker)...they went for it.

The top layer of laminate flooring was removed carefully so that it can be re-used in their mudroom.

Under that laminate was a lovely layer of brown linoleum.

Under that linoleum was another layer of linoleum.

And then, the wood floor! Listen for the Chorus of Angels in Heaven!

  It wasn't the prettiest, but with some elbow grease, it had potential.

Since it didn't have much finish on it, Ben and Rebecca attacked it with hand sanders. They aren't dealing with a lot of square footage, so it wasn't a cumbersome task, really.

and after a few hours of sanding...

Not bad! Actually, very good!  And Maude coordinates perfectly with the color of the floor!

So we  leave Ben and Rebecca making a stain selection:

Can't WAIT to see the finished floors!