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Friday, October 16, 2015

Industrial Stools, farmhouse style.

A few years ago on a very cold late autumn day, in a jam packed barn, we came across two vintage industrial stools. I liked the lines, I did not like the ripped and moldy green vinyl. We put them in storage as a "down the road project." 

 A few years ago, my friend Lori  ( sent me a box full of vintage feed sacks from Missourri.  

This week, they came together in a most fabulous way. Let me explain. 

After pulling off the vinyl (yes, it was even moldier two years later) I just got thinking about those feed sacks and what a great contrast they would be to those steely metal frames. 

The foam was actually in really nice shape. 

I gathered up the fabric and started to plan out the placement . I absolutely love the mended patches that you find on old grain sacks and I wanted to preserve that look, yet make sure they would be "seat-worthy."

Where there were patches, I reinforced with machine stitching. I also had to piece some parts together to get the right stripe placement . 

From there it was a simple upholstery job. The metal frame for the back had this row of prongs around the entire rim which grips the fabric and holds it in place. Nice. 

The back of the seat was reattached. Oh look! These were once the property of Roswell Park! 

Once the seat was upholstered, JR wire-brushed the frame and gave it a clear coat. Then everything got put back the way it's supposed to be. 

And now we have two pretty sweet industrial stools...farmhouse style!

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