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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The only way to start over is to get back to the beginning

Here's what you need to get started on  a full out kitchen makeover:
Sledge hammer
It's gotta start somewhere , and destruction is a good way for the guys to get started. Men love smashing stuff! 

So to get to the place where we can begin again, we needed a blank slate. And Ben and Rebecca's kitchen had a lot of history to it and didn't want to let go. Those old kitchens were builtt to last... cabinets were part of the construction and built right into the plaster and lathe.

Cabinets cleared and doors removed. JR will use the doors to built  a  structure for the stove hood. 

See that faux brick? Guess what was under it? MORE faux brick!

It's SO interesting going on this kind of archeological dig..peeling back layers of design to see the decisions each homeowner made. What did they think would freshen things up? What years were the cosmetic updates done? 
We can see right here some 60's wallpaper followed by 70's Z-Brick. And under the panelling? More panelling!
Over beadboard (the original layer)!

No doubt, the ladies of the house were very, very proud of their updates.

Uh-oh...what's under that floor ? 

Now, THIS is an exciting turn of events! We see hardwood!!!

Maude is not as excited as we are.

Getting to the bottom of things can be an exhausting and intense ordeal...but you gotta get there to start over. 

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