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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

the cabinets

 If there is one thing we believe in with every fiber of our being, it's rescuing, recycling, restoring and re-inventing.  That's the way it is when it comes to home renovations, too. AND this philosophy has been with us loooonnnnnggggg before it became popular and was televised on any number of DIY shows that are currently   out there.

The cost of renovations can be prohibitive for most of us. And, we love the challenge of hunting and searching for things that will be just what we need to work for a project. We also love sharing and inspiring people to do the same.

When we started to analyze Ben and Rebecca's kitchen, the first thing we did was re-work the layout, This then became the perfect opportunity to think about whether or not the current cabinets would be appropriate for them.  They had planned to get new appliances, but after talking it through, we  convinced them to keep the appliances they have (which are in great shape) and invest the money now into the actual structural stuff of the kitchen.
Structure first. Appliances second.

So, back to the question...could their existing cabinets work for them?

Nope. If we were going with a new layout the existing cabinets wouldn't survive a tear-out. The decision was made to replace the cabinets.

But the remains of the existing cabinet remains could be re-used in their back room storage area. And with budget money freed up from the appliances, we felt like this was a good place to spend some money. So, where to get replacement cabinets?  Rebecca was a little nervous about this (we are learning that Reebs is a little nervous every step of the way, and wanting things done yesterday!) but we assured her that we have a way of finding just the right thing at just the right price and at just the right time. (They did, in fact, pretty quickly head to Home Depot and price out what it would cost for brand new cabinets. We said no to that idea patient.)

The Craigslist search began. Between Rebecca, JR and I, it was a crazy couple of days of texting, calling, sending links,  and texting some more until we found some cabinets that would work.  We needed:

1. enough to do the job
2. they needed to be structurally sound, good quality.
3. they needed to be a good price.

Ideally, the cabinets would come from a recent kitchen remodel where they people wanted to do a new kitchen just because they could (translate...nice cabinets being replaced not because they were falling apart, but because the homeowner wanted new nice cabinets!)

And, bingo, we found the cabinets, called quickly enough to make the deal, and they were transported back to Ben and Rebecca's house.

Their cost for more than enough cabinets (including TWO lazy susans)?  $400.00. Score.
And for MUCH less than what the new Home Depot cabinets would have cost.

They were measured and then organized according to the layout. Ben and Reebs are going to paint them.

The first BIG decision is out of the way. Next? It's Demo Time!

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Lori said...

I am so enjoying this and cannot wait to see the outcome.