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Sunday, March 8, 2015

A Kitchen Makeover Begins

This is the story of Ben and Rebecca. Our kids. 

Well, actually, it will be the story of Ben and Rebecca's budget kitchen makeover.

A few years ago, they bought a nice sturdy four square built about 1905. It had some basic cosmetic updates, and after they moved in, they began to personalize it even more.  

The kitchen had what we would call a "quick flip update." The former owner did the bare minimum to improve the property...budget store counter top over existing old cabinets, faux brick and bad paneling. Minimal lighting, an awkward layout and laminate flooring. 


With Rebecca's updates... she painted the brick, added shelves, and a few other personal touches. 

 It's a nice little has lots of possibilities. 
So this story started, as most good makeover stories do, with something to spur it on...the inspiration piece, the "ah-ha," the something you can't pass up.  For Ben and Rebecca, it was the acquisition of some old bowling lanes via Craigslist, the idea that they could become new counter tops, and a good deal of inspiration from Pinterest.

And as all good parents do, we stuck our noses in and got involved...
We met, we talked, we threw ideas around and came up with a plan. With their budget, a generous helping of JR's carpentry skills and the kid's willingness to do some hard labor, we set forth. 

The general plan?  
1. A new layout.
2. Find some kitchen cabinets to replace the current cabinets.
3. Demo existing cabinets, faux brick and paneling.
3. Upgrade wiring and plumbing.
4. The pretty stuff .

So here's where we stand at the end of the day...
Ben is cool, 
Rebecca is nervous,
JR is confident,
And I am excited. 

A budget makeover IS exciting! Let the adventure begin!  

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