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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

the way it goes sometimes

Last summer, right in my very own neighborhood, there is this guy who, whenever it suits his fancy, and if it's not on a Sunday, will put stuff out in his yard to sell. And he usually has pretty cool stuff.
I picked up a little antique three drawer chest (Well, I bought it and JR went back later to pick it up).
Good sturdy dresser, small size, painted with layers of  hideous  white paint,  with even more hideous huge round brass drawer pulls.  No doubt, someone had it in their garage or basement, because it also had a good amount of hideous can stains and rust marks on it. 

But it had good bones. I was going to do something cool with it. I never got a before picture, but I think you get the idea.

About that time, I was going through my minty green stage. Remember this office chair that sold in a half a minute?

 And this dresser?

So, I mixed more paint and came up with this:

Yup...hours of paint mixing, masking off stripes and then painting. We changed out the knobs to antique glass knobs (here, I was anxious to show it off and took pics before I even had all the knobs on!)
Man, I loved that dresser. It got lots of interest on Facebook, too.  But it sat. And sat. Months later, it was still sitting. 

So we decided that this would become the Experiment Dresser. A way to try out different colors and techniques.  Of course, this dresser would never make us any money...we were already far past that stage.  I painted it again.

And it sat.

We changed the knobs to drawer pulls.

And it sat.

Sunday, we pulled the dresser to the back of the shop. I was thinking of just sanding the whole thing  and painting it white. Come to think of it, if I had just done that to begin with, I could have saved myself a whole lot of time, and made a profit to boot!

So there it sat, in the back of the store, and in comes a couple...looking for  a table with a drawer that boots could fit under. For an entryway. We showed them the stuff we had available in the basement. Nah. Then they spotted this dresser. By this time, the drawers were removed since JR was getting it ready to go  back to the workshop.   

Ideas started flowing, light bulb moments were happening. What if we took out the bottom drawer?  But I like the trim... What if we moved that trim up?  Can JR do it?  JR can do anything!
 They loved the colors, the distress of it all, and the idea that it could become the custom piece they were looking for...drawers to hold mittens and hats, a space for shoes and boots, and a landing pad for keys, mail, a bag.

So yeah, that's the way it goes sometimes. The best laid plans, so they say.  We decided to trade the remodeled dresser for some serious antique wood planks and boards for a bunch of other projects, so it was a win/win for all of us.

Good ending.

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