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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Daily we are hunting and hauling furniture, changing displays, sanding, cleaning, waxing and buffing. Working hard with our hands and bodies and minds.  We often forget  that in our excitement and fervor to build a business we love, it's important to take care of ourselves, too. 

When you are crazy about something... decorating, gardening, crafting, fitness, baseball, bowling or baking, it's far too easy to get so consumed that we forget to invite rest and balance into our lives. You know what I mean... 

Have you woken up in the night because ideas won't let you sleep?

Tried to figure out how to knit with tendinitis ?

Do you read past your bedtime?

Run with a sore knee?

Continue mulching even though your back is killing you? 

Or just don't make time for dinner together at home?

We are all guilty to some degree... There's a lot of pressure out there to get things done!

But seriously, our projects can wait and it's not the end of the world . In fact, we may find those projects even more satisfying when we are rested, balanced and restored. 

It's something JR and I want to do...need to do for ellen j goods and ourselves . 

(ellen j goods will be closed Thursday, January 8th and Friday, January 9th . We will re-open Saturday at 10 am)

Living a life less ordinary, 
ellen j goods

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