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Thursday, August 28, 2014

a woodsy get-away

We are getting ready to take a vacation. No weddings, no events, no plans other than five nights of camping in our beloved Adirondack mountains.  And boy, do we need it. Since opening the shop in February, JR and I have had precious few days off, and those were thanks to our girls for taking over while we were away. These days, we are feeling overwhelmed, overworked and ready for a change of scenery.

5 nights camping in the mountains in a tent. And I don't' even care if it rains. We'll take a puzzle, books and Scrabble. I will have a knitting project. To me, that's the most ideal way we can spend our time.

I'm a little obsessed with that whole vintage camp thing. We redid our front window several weeks ago with a camp fact, lots of people invited themselves to just sleep in the window for the summer!

Right now, it's all about campy, woodsy colors, and paint by numbers.


plaid,  and outdoorsy.

Well, someone bought the bed this week, and a few other elements from the window. So while we are away, we'll be dreaming up a fall dispay while we sit in front of a campfire, eating s'mores.


Lilea said...

Your getaway sounds divine! Enjoy!

Lori said...

Have a great vacation, love the window and cannot wait to see the new window.