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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

embracing the scratches and dents: an article

Our kids used to always say that they were never sure which chairs they could sit on in our home.. Not because they were "butts' off because of their monetary value or museum quality. But because they were afraid they were afraid they would break due to their rickety old age. Well, we've learned a lot since those early years of collecting and decorating, and now the pieces that we use in our home get "sturdied" up and fixed so no one has to be afraid of a
Mary  Katherine Gallagher moment!
 I love this article. It perfectly sums up a home style that we believe in. Comfort, scratches and dents. Other people's junk, transformed and loved. We can count on one hand the number of "new from the store" pieces in our home. We have long embraced a well worn and layered look that suggests a history, and well, has actually become our history.  JR and I pride ourselves on having an eye for discarded treasure and seeing the potential in it...finding  the perfect roadside junk, flea market find or hand-me-down castoff, that, with some imagination and a new purpose, becomes part of the family.

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